Watch As An Adorably Bunny Discovers The Deliciousness Of Popcorn

Have you ever pretended to enjoy watching the previews before a film just so that you could get to the cinema early and eat popcorn? Or perhaps you’ve been more excited about the movie snacks as opposed to the actual movie?  Yeah, we’ve all been there. Well, all humans that is. Animals, not so much. Except for this little guy that goes by the name of Buzz.

Buzz the bunny was given his first taste of delicious salty and butter popcorn and now, he just can’t stop eating. He’ll even go as far as to try and tip the bowl over in an attempt to munch on the delicious flavourful and somewhat crunchy snack. So, what’s the movie Buzz is settling down for tonight? To be perfectly honest, I don’t even think Buzz knows nor cares. All he has his heart set on, is a mouthful of tasty popcorn.

And this is the first time a bunny rabbit has been a popcorn fan. In fact, a social media user admits, “I used to have a rabbit that would grab the bars of her cage and shake it every time she heard popcorn in the microwave. She LOVED popcorn”. What a strange turn of events!

So, as it appears – animals are now catching on to the fact that this timeless movie snack is an absolute treat. What’s next? Hamsters that enjoy avocados? Cats who treasure the taste of peanut butter? Surely you’re wondering if the sky is falling or we’re living in some kind of alternative universe. I assure you, we aren’t, And here’s a video to prove it. See Buzz the bunny is action, feeding his popcorn addiction whilst enjoying the comfort of his owner’s lap.

Go Buzz the bunny, treat yourself! You’re a hardworking bunny with lots of love to give and a loyal companion to your owner friend. You surely deserve the stunning taste of delightful popcorn.

Do your pets have any strange favourites? What arbitrary snacks do they positively adore? Let us know in the comments—and don’t forget to share this article with your bunny-loving friends.

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