This Coffee Shop Musician Has No Idea Who He Just Sang A Duet With

This is certainly an excellent day in paradise. A young man takes the ‘stage’ in a coffee shop in Hawaii. In reality, it’s not even really a stage. There’s just a small empty space in the corner of a coffee shop that happens to be located in paradise. There don’t seem to be many people in the shop that day. But, the young man, in his shorts, tee-shirt, and flip-flops plays his heart out all the same. He takes out his ukelele and strums a tune. He sings the opening bars of Matisyahu’s ‘One Day’. It’s a cool, smooth, positive, and uplifting reggae tune, and he does an excellent jog singing it. The ukulele adds a charming, island flair to the song. It brings visions of warm, sunny days, white sandy beaches, and palm trees.

Honestly, after watching this video, I’m ready for a vacation to somewhere tropical. I want to spread a towel on the soft sand and dip my toes in the crystal clear water. I want to feel the waves on my feet and the sun on my face. I want a reason to wear sunglasses again, but winter is pretty cold and bleak here. But I digress.

As the young man begins singing, another man in the coffee shop joins in. He looks like another islander or casual vacationer. But, his voice fills the room and feels oh so familiar. They finish the duet together and it’s excellent. Only after the song is over does the young man get the surprise of his life: he was singing with Matisyahu himself. He didn’t recognize him initially he’s in awe that he’s in the same room. Not only that, but he scores an invite to the artist’s show that very night. What a way to meet your favorite artist!

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