15 Times Dads Were Left Alone With The Kids And Things Got Hilarious

There’s a lot of talk out there about ‘women’s rights’ and equality for women. Historically, women have been somewhat oppressed in western society, often being reduced to homemakers and child bearers. In recent years women have tried to step out of that mold and become more than just mothers. They are career women and the ultimate multi-taskers. They work all day and then come home and care for their families at night. Somewhere, during this cultural shift, men have become more involved in raising the children. Now I know I’m potentially embracing the stereotypes: women as stay-at-home moms and men as breadwinners that are in no way involved in child rearing, but those have been the traditional roles.

From parenting hacks to dressing up their kids in hilarious costumes, these dads have taken parenting to a whole new level. As the parenting roles have begun to shift, so has our access to social media, and lucky for us, the whole world is able to witness the wackiness.

1. Kiwi Baby

This clever Dad gets an ‘A’ for creativity, but let’s face it, you’ll never look at a kiwi (or a baby’s head) the same way ever again. 

2. Biker Baby

This little guy is ready to roll! Times are changing and neither men or women can be completely defined by their roles. Non-traditional families are becoming more and more common and stay-at-home dads can be seen hanging out with their kids at the park, driving the school carpool, making snacks, baking birthday cupcakes, and attending play dates.

3. Hold Still!

Parenting involves multitasking and dad needed baby to stay put for a minute. Women may have been oppressed in many ways, but men have been left out of raising children for generations and now they have a steep learning curve to overcome. All the parenting skills that seem to come naturally to women and have been passed down from mother to daughter for years are new to this generation of dads.  So, without that type of history and guidance, creative fathers have come up with some of their own unique parenting ideas. 

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