Keep Your Eyes On The Bottom Left Of The Door

Here’s a well-known fact: puppies are basically the cutest things on this planet. Those tiny, furry little bundles of joy with their tiny noses, sharp needle teeth, itty-bitty paws, soulful little eyes, and of course, puppy breath, are absolutely irresistible. You can approach the biggest, burliest, toughest guy with a demeanor of icy steel, but if you hand him a puppy, he will melt and cuddle the little creature. It’s science. There may even be some baby talk.

I can admit that I am definitely not immune to the power of the puppy. I can spend hours looking at videos and pictures of puppies on the internet.

If I encounter one in public, it’s as if I’m drawn to it by an undeniable magnetic pull. I will approach the puppy’s owner and ask a million questions. Invariably, one of those questions will be, “Can I hold it?”. If I’m fortunate, and they say “yes”, I will then spend a blissful few minutes snuggling with the tiny baby and basking in the puppy breath. I hope that I’m not wearing clean clothes because there’s a good chance that I’m going to roll around on the ground and play with it.

My own dogs are a product of my love for puppies. As older, adult dogs, it’s not hard to tell that they were spoiled as puppies and are still spoiled to this day. When they were tiny, there was no way I could have denied them anything. So, to this day, they beg for food, sleep on the furniture, and I’ll stop anything I’m doing to play ball with them or take them for a walk.

The adorable puppy in this video knows its power. Its people parents may not want it in the room, but it clearly as other ideas.

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