Little Boy Charges Around The Store. Then He Runs Into His First Kiss — While Dad Films!

Most everyone at some point in their life has wondered what their first kiss would be like. Will it be good? Will it be horribly awkward? Who will I share this special moment with? Will this person be the love of my life? We have so many questions!

The first kiss may very well be one of our greatest memories in life. As such, we often put a lot of much pressure on ourselves to make sure that we get it right. We only get that one chance, after all. So we take mental notes when we see those perfect kisses in movies, we read kissing tips in magazines, and we may even practice kissing on inanimate objects (neither of us did that though, right?). Hopefully, after all that preparation and buildup, we get it right when the time comes.

But not everyone builds up their first kiss. Not everyone gets anxious and has fairy tale-like expectations. No… some people just go with the flow. They roll with the punches. They keep their cool and improvise. One such cool cat is a young man named Julian.

Julian was on a shopping trip at Best Buy with his father. As per usual, Julian took the occasion as an opportunity to run amok through the aisles. He was having the time of his life when something caught his eye and made him stop completely dead in his tracks. Little Julian saw a young lady that he rather fancied. Can you guess what Julian does next? It’s a moment that Julian will not soon forget (though mostly thanks to his dad’s penchant for filming everything he does).

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