Woman Captures Rare Footage Of Clouds And They Look Like They’re Right Out Of A Scary Movie

Nature has a mind of its own. The beautiful patterns of the great outdoors will never cease to amaze me. Although I’m not one to indulge in the outdoors too much (I don’t like to camp or go hiking), I do enjoy the many facets of mother nature on the whole. With that said though, things can get somewhat creepy at times; you’ll see some scary, yet fantastic footage, in the video below.

A woman from Hinesville, Georgia, saw some odd-looking clouds passing above. As a professional photographer, she couldn’t resist the chance of filming everything on camera, and so she started capturing everything that she could.

She says that at first the clouds look usual and as they do all the time, but then a split second later when they looked back into the sky, they saw these eerie formations above. Right after the clouds passed over her, the photographer said that a mild thunderstorm happened and it was all over.

These clouds seemed to appear all over Hinesville because other locals submitted photos of this phenomena. I don’t know how I would feel about looking right up at clouds like these—I’m not one for eerie scenery either! But I can admit that it’s pretty cool!

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