Here Are 10 Millennial Foods That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Or Tried!

Millennial foods: You know, the food inventions and trends that are hip among 20-and 30-something-year-olds. They’re odd. They’re beautiful. And, they’re tasty—some of the time.

As a self-proclaimed “foodie,” you may think that you’ve tried a good majority of them. Right? Well, here’s a million dollar question for you: How many of the following have you actually tried (or even heard of)? If you can list them, I don’t think they’re enough to classify as “all” and if you’ve lost count, then maybe you have tried a good number of these crazy foods!

Do you need a little hand to help jog your memory? Then tune in to the list below and see if you’ve tried these 10 millennial foods:

1. Cloud Eggs

I guess traditional sunny-side up eggs are too boring for millennials because now we’ve got these lumpy eggs. I presume this was an accidental invention by somebody who didn’t know how to cook breakfast. As they say, one must learn from their mistakes—or just make it an excuse to come up with a new food trend and name it something cutesy like “cloud eggs.”


Image source: Good Food

2. Avocado Oreos

After avocado toast had made its debut, Oreo thought millennials would like an avocado-flavored cookie as well. I mean, avocado ice cream is a thing, so why can’t avocado work in other desserts? You can catch these unique treats in stores soon, for a limited time.


Image source: The Happening

3. Unicorn Ramen

Ramen has been a trend for a while, but there’s nothing like freshening it up with a little twist. Slurping colorful broth is by far one of the most satisfying ideas. Why didn’t we come up with this earlier?! This invention is life!


Image source: Kumparan

4. Shimmery Liqueur

What’s better than alcohol? Shimmery alcohol, of course! Opt for these pretties at your next girls’ nights and bachelorette parties.


Image source: Reddit

5. Spaghetti Donuts

When you think of a donut, you imagine a neatly frosted, sprinkled treat, but this savory donut stands out in the crowd. Spaghetti in donut form is either the best or worst thing to ever exist. I’ll let you be the judge.


Image source: Gothasmist

6. Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you’re not a macaroon fan, perhaps slabbing ice cream in the center will make this French treat worthwhile. It’s the perfect summer treat.


Image source: The Denizen

7. Hamburger Skewers

You can’t avoid deconstructed foods and drinks in this generation. First we had the hamburger, then the slider, and now hamburger-on-a-stick. How do you prefer to eat your beef?


Image source: Drick’s Rambling Cafe

8. Raindrop Cake

If you ever wanted to consume a giant raindrop, well, this is the millennial food for you. Squishy foods are all the rage.


Image source: Daniel Food Diary

9. Fidget Spinner Cookies

Fidget spinners are no longer just a device; now they’re food. We all saw this coming, right? Yes, they spin, too.


Image source: Right This Minute

10. Mermaid Toast

Youngsters just can’t get enough of fancy toast! You have to admit that plain toast is pretty ugly. Gotta pretty it up somehow.


Image source: Wolven Thread

As oddly satisfying (or perhaps disgusting) as some of these sound, I’ll just leave this off with, “Don’t knock ’em ’til you’ve tried ’em!”

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