11 Stunning Photos You Will Not Believe Were Taken With A Phone. #4 Took My Breath Away!

I love snapping photos with my mobile phone. It’s so convenient and advances in technology mean that the photo quality just gets better and better. Regardless, I have recently learned that I have been doing it wrong. Mobile photography apparently goes well beyond blurry selfies and into the world of devastatingly gorgeous and moving artwork. If anyone needs me, I’ll be scouring the Internet for mobile photography tips. [googlead]

1. Charro
cameraphone1Cesar Rodriguez-Becerra

2. The Butcher of Bruxelles
cameraphone2Sean Hayes

3. The Boss
cameraphone3Mark Chilvers

4. Untitled
cameraphone4Theodore Kaye

5. Big Maple Plain/Austria
Mariko Klug

6. Hiding in the Light
Oliver Lang

7. Naturally Blue
Erin McGean Cindric

8. Smoker
Alfred Pleyer

9. The Jazz Player
cameraphone9Marie Matthews

10. Orange Zebra
Leisa Doherty

11. Rodeo in the Raincameraphone11Ed Kashi

Source: Mobile Photography Blog

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