Crew Creates 2,000 Pound Bath Bomb And Drops It Into The Pool


I used to have to stand on my feet for my job. I’d spend long hours at a time literally running around or just standing. There were days (and nights!) where I wouldn’t be able to sit for 12 hours. And eating? If I had time, I had to gobble quickly, you guessed it, standing up. Nothing ever felt better than being able to sit down, or lying horizontally! That moment where I could starfish on the couch or in bed was glorious.

And if I wasn’t too doggone tired, I’d draw an extra hot bath, the perfect way to wind down. Throw on a few candles, put on some nice music, and of course, toss in a flowery bath bomb. The equation isn’t complete without that little grenade of dreamy, swirly, fab-smelling bath salt! The perfect mix of ambient lighting, warm water, soothing music, and the delightful rose smell is a feast for the senses! Plus, I was just extra happy to be off my feet!

So, I can imagine how fun and relaxing it would be to kick it up a notch and turn any pool into a gigantic home spa that the whole family can enjoy! Minus the clean-up (you probably want to consider all the preparation and serious clean-up involved before trying this at home!), this is a pretty fun and crazy way to use a bath bomb.

The video opens to the crew from asking the question, “Dropping this bath bomb turns all the water in your bathtub black, but how big would a bath bomb need to be to blackout your entire swimming pool?” Let’s find out!

Using a customized fiberglass mold, they filled it with 31 50-lbs bags of material – that’s 1-part cornstarch, 1-part citric acid, and 2-parts baking soda plus the dye to turn it black. They created multiple layers inside the mold to get the spherical shape they were going after and let it dry.

It took several people to put it together, but the final result is exactly as they had envisioned – a 2,000-pound bath bomb they pushed into a pool. It created a huge splash and waves, and fizzed and bubbled and frothed! Mission accomplished! Now I feel like having a bath!

Click below to see how they did it and the epic moment they push it into the pool! Let us know what you thought about this bizarre experiment in the comment!

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