Man Pays For Meals For 400 Soldiers Stranded At Airport

Chances are unless you’ve managed to block or unfollow nearly everyone on your friend’s list, your social media news feeds contain some negativity.

Granted, these are uncertain times for many people, but it’s important to remember that when it boils down to it, most are on the same side. We hope for good things to happen to us and to our friends and neighbors. We want the world to be a better, more welcoming place, and on a day to day basis, we try to be decent humans. Many of us may go as far as to actively spread kindness and help our fellow man. It doesn’t take much to promote kindness.

Kindness doesn’t have to be grand, sweeping gestures or large sums of money. In acting out kindness, we shouldn’t seek recognition or anything in return. The act is enough. It can be as simple as saying a kind word to a stranger, helping a neighbor carry in their groceries, or making a small donation to a charity. That donation can even be in the form of time or service. If we all do one positive, kind thing every day, it could go a long way to making this world a better place.

Fortunately, some people are able to make large gestures. When a Los Angeles-based businessman named Shlomo Rechnitz came across 400 U.S. soldiers stranded in an Irish airport, eating cold bagged lunches, he gave each soldier $50 to buy a hot meal in the airport. It was his way of saying “thank you” to those brave men and women who protect all of us, every day. He stated how proud he was of the men and women in his presence. Watch the video to see .him deliver his heartfelt appreciation to the soldiers.

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