63-Year-Old Bursts Into Tears When She Looks Into Mirror After Makeover

Every woman (and man too!), regardless of age, wants to look and feel her best. New clothes, a work out routine, a haircut, a mani-pedi, all of these options help to keep us feeling fresh! But, as the years wear on, our priorities change. Other things become more important to look after and take care of like jobs, and families and grandkids, which means these things that keep us rejuvenated, tend to fall by the wayside. Plus, it’s not too uncommon for things to be affected by gravity a little more if you know what I mean. Things start to fall and gain. It’s a part of life and something everyone has to deal with.

It’s something we can’t stop, but we sure can make it better! We all need a little makeover once in a while — a new look or hairdo or outfit that spices up and enhances what we’ve already got.

For this 63-year-old mom’s birthday, her son knew what to do to make her feel beautiful on the outside. He got in contact with makeup artist Goar Avetisyan to plan a gorgeous beauty transformation. Tired of hearing his mom complain about getting older, he wanted to show her that she’s still got it. She is naturally a beautiful woman, but just needed a little pick me up to feel her best.

The moment Goar met the birthday girl, the talented makeup artist knew exactly what to do. They kept the camera rolling, showing the whole process from start to finish, and Goar got right to work soon after the two met. Instead of jumping right in to apply the makeup, Goar took an extra step and put two healing masks under mum’s eyes to help decrease the puffiness and redness while she worked around the eyes. And then, the transformation took place!

Mom got some natural looking fake eyelashes and a smoky eye for her birthday. While the makeup is a little heavier than what the woman is used to, it’s still tasteful and impressive! She looks gorgeous, and her reaction in the mirror says it all. Her complexion is smoothed out, polished up and she looks like a million bucks!

The cherry on top is when her son pops in to surprise her with a beautiful, glittering necklace. He compliments her transformation and completes her look with this beautiful accent piece. It’s a great day all around and the video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. Happy birthday, you pretty young thing!

Click below to see Goar make a birthday wish come true right before your eyes!

Source: ShareTap

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