8 Couples Form A Line On Floor, Crowd Roars With Cheer When They Begin To Move

There are a handful of songs that are absolute classics. I’m talking the type of songs you’ll most definitely hear at a wedding, birthday party, dance party, bar mitzvah and more (cue YMCA). Despite the cheese factor associated with a lot of these songs, they’re super fun just to let loose and have a bit of fun to.

You know that as soon as one of these tunes comes on, you and your friends and family will be hitting the dance floor with your dancing and partying shoes on. Regardless of how old or played out the music will be, there’s something nostalgic about music and when you have so many memories associated to it.

This reason is why the dance routine in the video below has done so exceptionally well!

In the clip, you’ll see eight couples who are ready to perform a particularly well-crafted dance routine to the famous song, “Ice Ice, Baby,” by Vanilla Ice. And given their talent and hard work, it’s fair to say that their interesting song choice only adds to the awesome routine.

As the dancers begin their practiced routine, the music changes every so often, and with that, their style of dance varies too. The co-ed group even give a short shout out to the music of and film, “High School Musical.”

The entertainment value in the video clip below is a big fat 10, and seriously deserves a standing ovation, as well as a serious round of applause. But be warned, you may just dance around like a fool while watching the impressive routine!

So if you’re a fan of cool tunes, impressive dance moves—or both, then give this snazzy video clip below a watch. And if you think you could bust out some of these cool dance moves, let us know in the comments—we’d love to see them!

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