Mom’s Heart Melts When She Overhears Toddler Saying Her Prayers On Baby Monitor

There are many things that we humans hold dear to our hearts. So many things that touch our lives and make us thankful to be alive! It’s this recognition of how blessed we truly can be that attracts additional blessings and good things to come our way. It’s because of these traditions and words, thoughts and acts of gratitude and reflection that make us want to do it more and more.

This reason is why many recommend, for example, that families have dinner together every night or that children are given an imposed bedtime. Coming together to share time and make new memories, mirrors our values and cultural upbringing. When instilled from such a young age, it shapes who we become – hopefully for the better, if your parents did it right!

While you may not believe that a child as young as two years old can recognize something essential and implement it in their daily lives without being told to do so, the video below is here to prove to you that children are sponges. They are so malleable and pure. It’s these young, tender years that are so important and later become the defining years into how the adult they grow into was formed.

In this heart-squeezing video, you’ll see a baby monitor recording of little Sutton, the two-year-old daughter of Kathryn and her husband. But one night, things were a little different. Sutton did something that took her parents’ breath away, and it will do the same for you!

Normally, Kathryn and her husband sit down with Sutton every night before bed to say a prayer together. But on this night, Sutton’s parents were out for the evening, and as it was late, they simply put their daughter to bed without saying their prayer. Sutton immediately realized that something was missing, and took it upon herself to give thanks; her prayer was luckily caught on camera for the rest of us to see and draw inspiration. This tiny girl took a moment to give thanks and reflect on her itty bitty life, a wonderful bedtime routine that will stick with her for years to come.

Watch Sutton say her prayer, thanking God for her parents, someone named Robert, an animal or toy named Duckie, and last but not least, Santa Clause!

See this touching video in the clip below; we’re sure you’ll love it!

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