Newlywed’s First Dance Gets Cut And The Bride’s Favorite Country Star Takes Over

If you’ve been married, you know that the first dance is probably the most precious and cherished moment from throughout the entire event (or maybe second to the vows?). And, if you’ve yet to cross that path, we’re sure you still understand the importance of it all. I think it’s safe to say that when you are wedding planning, one of the important conversations you have revolves around your first dance and what song that’ll be. Trust me, been there and done that!

Enter this bride, and her handsome groom, of course, donning a beautiful gown and all ready to hit the dance floor with her husband for their first dance. Although they set out swaying to the music together, their chosen song cuts out moments into the first chorus, coming to an abrupt stop. Any other bride may have panicked over this malfunction (and it’s natural), but this bride kept her cool and continued to enjoy the moment she was sharing with her groom. But notice how her husband is holding her tight and not letting her attention sway? Well, there’s a BIG reason why!

Although the bride is patiently waiting for the soundtrack to come back on, she doesn’t know that her husband’s surprise plan is unfolding right behind her! A live keyboardist slowly resumes the song, only to be followed by an in-person appearance by the bride’s favorite country singer Mark Wills on stage, who serenades the scene with his beautiful voice, in a live performance for the couple to complete their dance!

And the bride’s reaction is epic—she can literally be seen screaming and running away from center stage, awestruck by who she’s seeing standing in front of her. We’re sure this is the exact reaction her husband was wishing for. The bride is in tears of joy to have Wills grace the stage with his performance, and the married couple go and greet their surprise guest right after the song ends.

Weddings are supposed to be every bride’s fairy tale moment and this girl’s husband definitely went the extra mile to ensure hers was unforgettable, always and forever – and for the rest of us too!

Check out the video and see the special performance for yourself—share it with family and friends to give those future grooms some ideas to surprise their own brides on their big day!

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