Bride Shares Her Big Day To Thank Police Officers

Weddings are always about the bride and groom. Afte rall, it’s their big day and there’s nothing stopping them from taking all the attention and stealing the limelight. But have you ever heard a bride, or even a groom, trying to shed the light on a specific cause? Or more importantly, shifting the spotlight from them (on their big day), to someone else? I know I hadn’t until I saw the video below.

In the video, you see the bride take the mic at her reception and begin to speak about the 6 men that are standing behind her husband, as well as her groom, and all that they’ve done for their country and for the safety of others—these men are police officers and they sacrifice a whole lot of comfort and family time for the sake of others’ safety.

The young woman starts off by thanking these men for their efforts, then continues by listing all the things that police officers sacrifice on a daily basis to ensure that the citizens are safe and sound, and with their families, at the end of the day. This can mean that the officers somewhere will miss their child’s graduation, the birth of their child, or another milestone that you and I are able to be a part of. And for this, the bride wanted to show her appreciation.

But this new bride wanted to show her appreciation to the officers in more than one way, so you’ll notice towards the end of the video, that she takes the help of all those attending her wedding, and does something incredible to show officers that everyone cares for, and loves them.

Watch the video below to watch the bride’s words of appreciation and what she does for them in the end. Don’t forget to like and share this video with family and friends, and help show love and acknowledgment for everything that our police officers do for us.

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