Dad Gives Mom A Kiss And Baby Gets Jealous

As much as we’d love to be humble, fair, and kind, there are times when, as humans, we cave in to our negative emotions. We simply cannot help ourselves. It usually comes when we’re faced with a difficult situation, such as breaking up with a partner, finding out someone we love doesn’t love us back, or watching someone else get the promotion that we definitely deserved. And when those situations strike, it’s like a shower of bad feelings that sometimes feels unstoppable.

But, have you ever witnessed the somewhat strange feeling of jealousy being displayed in a tiny infant? No? Well, today is your lucky day, because you’re about to see the cutest video of a little baby who has so much darn love for his parents that he can’t even stand it when he is the odd one out!

In the video below, we see a mother holding her child. As the mother persists to kiss her husband, the small child automatically wants in on the love too, and for that reason, also gives his mother a big kiss. And as the parents continue to pass kisses back and forth, so does the little one. He first gives a few kisses to his mom and then some to his dad. It’s basically just a triangle of pure love between a beautiful family.

The moment is so precious in fact, that it leaves both mom and dad with a huge smile on their faces, enjoying every second with their little child.

I remember my sister used to be somewhat similar to the infant in the video. Not with my parents showing affection to one another, but more with any of the adults showing love and affection towards me. I’m several years younger and before I came around, she was an only child. Things changed very quickly after I was born and now, mom and dad had two little girls to give their attention to. My big sis tried every trick in the book to continue to be the only one who got all the attention; she once dragged me into the corner of a room and piled a whole bunch of teddy bears over me to make it seem like I disappeared! So sneaky!

But, getting back to this little one, see the adorable-yet-hilarious video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you’ve found it as endearing as we have, be sure to like and share it with your family and friends!

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