Mom Gets Baby’s First Word On Camera And Everyone Is In Hysterics

If you’re a parent, then you know that there are some key moments in your child’s life that you just can’t miss. This feeling starts right from the get-go, where you’re waiting for your son/daughter to recognize you, then sit up, crawl, and eventually have a conversation.

All parents look forward to when their baby goes from funny, incoherent sounds to uttering their first word. It’s a moment of celebration and joy! It’s a milestone that is a sign of healthy early childhood development! It’s also the silent competitive moment between parents, where mom and dad each secretly hope that their little bundle of joy says their parental title first. Let the battle for “dada” or “mama,” as the first word, commence! 

There is something similar happening in the video below, but it seems like dad is really trying to take the win home in this one! In this adorable clip, dad is sitting with his sweet chubby baby, reading a book. Dad and baby are spending some quality father-and-son time while mom’s in charge of the camera.

They’re all sitting on the floor reading the book “Dada.” A book that goes through different animal sounds while using the word “dada.” This is a book prompted to teach babies what “dada” means and how to use it. Here, dad and baby are flipping each page as dad says the word, followed by an animal sound.

The baby is thrilled to be sitting with his dad. He’s getting to learn about “mooooos,” and “quacks” and “neighs.” He’s even reaching over to help dad turn the pages of the book, eager to learn more and listen to his father make strange noises.

Just as the adorable duo are about to turn to the last page, dad makes the last animal sound and looks back at his son. That’s when baby says, “mama” and crawls over to mom holding the camera. Of course, mom and dad are in absolute hysterics, laughing so loud at their son’s hilarious outburst. Even after going through an entire book of “dada,” baby just wants to say “mama” as his first word! Oh, the irony! I guess that’s just life! What will they have to do to teach him how to say “dada?” Get an animal book all about “mama?” The learning continues!

Click below to watch this hilariously suspenseful video. Just when you think the kid has to say “dada,” he goes right ahead and surprises all of us!

Source: ShareTap

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