Owner Teaches Pups And Cat Dog Tricks

I’ve had my dog for a long time. So, although I remember the days that I was training him, I can’t remember exactly how long it took me to get his tricks down pat and to discipline him. But, my sister recently bought a dog and now I’m watching her train the pup. There are days that the dog is picking up skills so fast, and then there are other days that he’s not having it and one trick takes too long to teach.

Of course, each dog has his or her learning period and it will take time to grasp new skills. We can’t expect them to get everything overnight. But, the moment you know your pup is fully trained and can do everything from sitting to roll over and go pee outdoors, you feel so accomplished. I remember that feeling all too well.

We all teach our dogs these nifty tricks and it’s normal. But, have you ever thought about teaching these “dog tricks” to your family cat? Cats are usually a lot harder to work with because they have a mind of their own. They’re way too independent to spend so much time with you so that you can teach them some tricks.

I think that you’d need a lot of patience to teach a kitty some tricks. What do you think?

In the video below, you’ve got three animals — one cat, and two dogs. Robert Dollwet owns all three animals, and it’s interesting to mention that he is a professional dog trainer. Now, imagine being a cat living with two dogs and having a dog trainer as your human. It makes things unique, doesn’t it?

When Robert is training dogs, he usually lets his cats go about their business, understanding that this isn’t their cup of tea. But, Didga is different from the rest, she likes to stick around and learn. Since she was adopted, Didga would stick around on the side watching the dogs roll over and sit. This soon peaked her interest and Robert found Didga joining in on the sessions.

The owner noticed that as hard as it may have been to train a cat, Didga was determined to learn the commands and perform the tricks, too! She picked up quite quickly, much to his surprise. She runs in with her dog brothers and takes her place in front of Robert when it’s time to train. She’s right in sync with them, too!

Click below to watch Didga in full action, learning puppy tricks!

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