Frantic Shark Approaches Diver, Man Swims Around To Notice What’s Wrong With Her Belly

I love animals. They’re the most loyal and friendly beings around. Of course,  not all are fit keep as pets in the home, but going to the zoo and enjoying some quality time looking around at these animals makes me happy. Of all the species there, I prefer to look at the fish — there’s something cool about them, especially the sharks.

I can’t say I’m completely terrified of sharks. I understand that they are a vital component in the ecosystem and critical for coral growth, helping to balance marine life. I also respect and admire them, from a distance, because they are pretty cool animals. But, there’s a reason I’ve deliberately avoided watching “Jaws” all these years. I know that I have a far likelier chance of being in a fatal car accident than a too-close-for-comfort run-in with a shark, but they freak me out just a teeny tiny itty bitty bit. We need them; they’re fantastic, I just don’t want to get up close to one like diver Josh Eccles.

But, thank goodness he did! I wish I were brave like him, so I could be a hero to a shark because what this man did is so kind and courageous —he saved the day on this one and helped the environment just a little bit more.

Josh, a Florida resident, was out on a dive when he noticed a lemon shark swimming close by. The predator was hovering dangerously close, tipping off the curious diver that something was about to go down, but he didn’t know how. The shark inched closer and started to bump and nudge into him. This action was not an attack. Watching the video, it’s clear that the shark’s movements are almost playful like she wants attention, almost as if she’s saying, look at me!

That’s when Josh notices a hook jutting out of the animal’s belly. The footage captures the diver removing the hook, and the shark thanking him! She swims away then comes back again and again, to say thank you, swimming around and around the kind stranger for his gesture! This is so heartwarming that it makes me over the moon happy that a shark life was spared. Hopefully, she heals well.

Do you have some fascinating stories about how humans have gone about saving the lives of animals (both land and water)? We’d love to read about them in the comments below!

Click below to tune into this heroic moment of underwater kindness and compassion.

Source: ShareTap

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