2 Girls Twirl Around And Jump Into A Dazzling Clogging Routine

There are just so many hobbies and extracurriculars to be interested in! With plenty of niche activities to do in your spare time, there’s no shortage of ways to add skills to your repertoire. I know a girl who took Highland dancing classes ever since she was a child. I also have a baker friend who discovered she loved to bake and decorate cupcakes to look like succulents (yep that’s a thing and a mouth-watering, delicious thing, too!).

There’s something to do for every personality and person, and while a lot of people dabble in multiple things, some find their favorite and commit to it wholeheartedly! Madison and Morgan found a way to spend their time doing something they love outside of school and family – competitive clogging!

At the Clogging Champions of America in Knoxville, Tennessee, these two young girls take the stage in their best country attire, with their backs to the audience. Set to Keith Urban’s “Hit the Ground Running,” their performance couldn’t be any closer to the theme and feel of the song.

The music comes on, and without skipping a beat, their legs cross and they face the audience with gleaming smiles on their faces. They are moving together, shaking their hips and clapping their hands.

Traditional clogging has roots in Ireland, and even though the term conjures up images of heavy, wooden clogs and Celtic music, this style is far from where it came from. Similar to tap dancing, but also in a league of its own, American clogging is usually done with a partner or in a group and is more flat-footed. Most of the sounds come from the heels, where tapping involves using the ball of the foot more.

Madison and Morgan dazzle the crowd with their happy faces and fancy footwork. There are lots of dynamic moves and arm movements, swinging and twirling each other around. You can see all kinds of dance influences in their routine, including the do-see-do, line and square dancing. Notice their use of gliding and stomping techniques that make for an upbeat, high energy and well-executed performance that the audience can’t get enough of! This takes a lot of love and patience, and they pulled it off fantastically!

Are you a dancer? If so, what’s your favorite type of dance style?

In the meantime, click below to watch ‘em knock their routine out of the park!

Source: ShareTap

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