Camera Catches Unaware Grandma In Middle Of Her Act. And Internet Goes Wild Over Her Dance Moves!

There are two ways to look at people who live life to the fullest. Sure, it’s always fun to do what you love and to get out there, show the big, bad world what you’re made of. It’s also been proven that if you’re active, positive and enjoy life, it increases your lifespan and keeps you healthy. If that’s not reason enough to embrace life, then I don’t know what is!

Which is why a video of an elderly lady has recently gone completely viral. Her family was sitting in the restaurant, Waffle House, waiting for their grandma who was running late to arrive. They then looked out the window, only to find their dear gran dancing as if no one was watching. The reason? Her favourite song came on the radio and she just had to shake her booty.

The video then began circulating like wildfire with the description, “These restaurant patrons were laughing their heads off as they watched a grandma dance in the middle of the parking lot. They watched as she twisted her hips and drop it low a couple of times from the comfort of their booth.” This, of course, led thousands to comment on the hilarious video.

One viewer said, “Whatever she got, I want it!”, while another said, “Laugh it up, all you youngsters.  One day, you’ll be her!!!!!”. Some others had a lot of other funny and supporting comments to share. This granny really made a lot of peoples’ days! And you bet she made ours too!

Well, hats off to this grandma and—truth be told—I wouldn’t mind being half as cool as her when I am her age!

Just look at her swinging those hips from side to side in the video below. If you’ve loved this story, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.

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