Grandson Is Overjoyed To Receive Surprise Visit From Grandma

There is nothing more special than the bond that grandparents share with their grandchildren. It’s a relationship that occurs seamlessly and naturally, and people wait for the moment that their children will give them the big news of them becoming soon-to-be-grandparents. For anyone who is a grandma and grandpa, there’s just a whole new feeling about taking on that responsibility. Am I right?

As the child comes into the world, it’s safe to say that he/she has a best friend in the form of a grandparent. You know that as you grow, grandpa will let you get away with all the candy you want to buy at the convenience store. You’ll always have a buddy to walk to school with, and they have the best bedtime stories.

Gran will always have the best food ready for you the moment you come through the door, and she’ll make sure you finish everything off the plate before getting up from the table, that’s for sure. Every time you visit them, it’s like Christmas, things feel full of joy, and there is so much love to go around.

But, there’s also a sad reality to the relationship that grandparents and grandchildren share. As the kids get older, distance and time take a toll on the bond that they once used to share with gran and gramps. As you turn into a teenager and become an adult, responsibilities, and work may take you around the world, making it harder to connect with one another; you’re left wanting to meet one another so badly, and ways in which you can surprise your beloved family is always on your mind.

Today we’re going to share a similar story with you. In this video, you’ll watch a tear-jerking reunion of gran and her grandson. There’s not much information on why the families live in separate states, and how they used to be before they parted ways, but by the looks of it, you can tell that both the child and grandma missed one another, dearly.

The clip starts with mom talking into the camera, telling us that she and grandma are waiting by the bus stop to surprise Lucas, who is coming off the bus after school. Then, she turns the camera to show the kid strolling towards the home when his eyes get fixed on a familiar person — grandma! The moment he takes this in, he’s running towards her at full speed — yelling, “Grandma! Grandma!” — and hurls himself at her, giving her the tightest hug once he gets close enough.

But, that’s not the sweetest thing you’ll watch. You’ll notice that as he’s hugging gran, Lucas tears up and because this day is one of the best ones in his life.

Click on the link below to catch Lucas be surprised and get emotional upon seeing his grandma — you may need a tissue!

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