Man Is Surrounded By Seagulls And Takes Out Camera To Catch Whale Feeding Frenzy

What’s so great about a video and people capturing live moments is that when they share it, they give us the opportunity to live specific experiences with them. It doesn’t matter that we’re not actually there, what matters is that we feel like we are and that we got to see something that was worthwhile.

There may not be fancy equipment, good lighting, or sound, but all you need is a small camera that can capture what you want to share, and that’s enough. The sight that was captured down below is so amazing and beautiful, that despite it being through video, it made my heart stop.

A man named Brad Rich was boating off the coast of Seward, Alaska with a friend when Brad heard some noises beside their boat. He sounds like he has an idea where the noise is coming from, and he takes out his camera to capture the action.

The video, which has over 14,000,000 views, begins with Brad filming the ocean as numerous seagulls fly around the peaceful and quiet area. He records for almost an entire minute when suddenly he hears a splashing coming from the side of the boat.

“I hear them!” Brad yells as he turns the camera to the left. The second he does, about fifteen humpback whales stick their heads out of the water! The whales are right in front of the boat, not even a few feet away.

Brad screams, “Oh my God!” This is in pure excitement, clearly in disbelief that he’s been able to see such a sight, and he laughs in shock and wonder.

One comment reads, “I can’t decide what I like better when I come across this — the beautiful whales or your [Brad Rich’s] contagious laughter.” We couldn’t agree more! Actually, we think that the video and the experience were simply made better because of Brad’s hilarious and very relatable reaction.

Anyway, as the whales are out feeding, seagulls are flying everywhere, but the whales look as calm as ever. A couple of them even blow out water from their blowhole! The view leaves you with a grin, and you might do what I did and go back ten seconds, about five times, to rewatch.

They’re only out of the water for a few seconds, and then they sneak their heads back in as if they were never out in the first place.

We only wish we’d seen it in person, but this video brings just about the same delight and awe.

If you’d like to see this jaw-dropping and gorgeous sight, watch the clip down below!

Source: ShareTap

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