Mom Brings Her Baby To A Supervised Health Spa

I don’t know many people who wouldn’t like to go to the spa. Personally, I can’t imagine anything better than taking a few hours off to mentally and physically check out of my day’s routine and hit up the waters. Floating around in saltwater, sitting in the sauna and steam room, getting a full body massage, it all sounds like paradise to me! It’s the perfect opportunity to turn off your phone and focus on relaxing, something that is getting harder and harder to do these days! Taking a timeout between all of life’s commitments is challenging to pull off as an adult, so if carving out a bit of time becomes available, this is such a good way to unwind.

But as a baby, time doesn’t really exist. There’s no such thing as meetings, groceries, getting the car fixed, driving to work. As long as you’re fed, changed, cleaned and well-slept, the world is your oyster. Babies can do anything – including going to the spa.

Yes, that’s right. There is another way to spoil and pamper your baby, and it’s in the form of a health spa. In Houston, Texas, USA, there’s a “safe, supervised and social environment for babies and parents” called Float Baby, the first spa for infants in the US. The spa is designed to cater to babies two weeks to eight months old, where it is very much supervised and parents are also hands-on. One mom says, “I actually love the spa, and so, to me, it makes a lot of sense. I mean why do we start as adults? And, I think teaching them relaxation techniques early on is really important.”

The main attraction of the spa is the floating pool, the thoroughly filtered water set to a perfectly tempered 98 degrees. Each baby is outfitted with a snug floating device that goes around the neck and comfortably supports the head. Babies can stay in the water floating, kicking and feeling around for between 5-20 minutes. Usually, they end up falling asleep!

A director from the spa comments, “Babies are able to independently move while they are here. A lot of times before they can crawl, they are either being carried or in a swing or in a rocker. And what happens when they start to move their arms and their legs, that sparks early brain development.”

Even mommy-administered massages are available. These are guided massages where mom gets to learn how to properly and gently rub down her baby. Benefits include stimulating the immune system and growth hormones and help with digestive issues. And, not surprisingly, most babies love it here!

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