Parrot Brothers Kiss And Talk To Each Other In English

I remember always arguing with my sister. Growing up, we never saw eye-to-eye on anything. We would be mad at one another for choosing the wrong dinner spot every weekend, we wouldn’t let each other share our clothes even if it meant it would be the end of the world and don’t get me started on what would happen when one of us wouldn’t want to watch a TV show the other did. World War Three. It’s a siblings thing, and I think it goes for everyone on the planet, not just humans.

Fabio and Gabriel are “brothers, ” and they are also Indian Ring Neck Parrots. Like most parrots, they are active, intelligent, and very vocal. Because they have someone of their species to communicate with, Fabio and Gabriel spend a lot of time talking to each other, in addition to playing and even arguing like siblings.

If they were in the wild, two parrots would communicate in their language. They would have their vocalizations and body language that they would inherently understand. But, Fabio and Gabriel were raised in captivity. Parrots adapt to their surroundings and learn to speak like those around them. Fabio and Gabriel speak English, not only to their human companions but each other as well. Both birds say the other’s name, ask how the other is doing, and even give adorable kisses. Watching them together is sure to make anyone smile.

Parrots are popular pets but require a certain amount of consideration before bringing one (or two) into your home. Like all pets, they need proper shelter, nutrition, socialization, and veterinary care. Parrots, in particular, live a long time, so they need a person who is committed to their care for their lifetime. They are extremely intelligent, so they will need plenty of opportunities for socialization, exercise, and physical and mental stimulation. Bored parrots can be neurotic and unhappy.

If you have the time and dedication to commit to them, parrots can be wonderful pets. For many, one of the most appealing things about a parrot pet is its ability to talk. Not all birds talk, but a few breeds are known for the amazing ability to pick up human language. Indian Ringneck Parrots like Fabio and Gabriel are one of the topĀ five species of talking birds.

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