Woman Gets Makeover And Goes Platinum Blonde

Every now and then, we find that we want a change in how we look. Most of us usually go with one small change like revamping our wardrobe or getting a new haircut. However, sometimes people want a whole new makeover, and in the video below, Pat Thomas joins that group of people.

This video was filmed just ahead of Pat’s 65th birthday. All she wanted was a chance to get a makeover from The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins. Her husband made her wish come true and got her an appointment to get a makeover from Christopher!

Pat remembers the moment her husband said, “Honey, you’re already beautiful, you don’t have to do this.” She wasn’t too convinced so, she replied, “Yes, I do.” These words are adorable coming from her husband, but sometimes we just need a new look to boost our confidence, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Pat further added that she didn’t have any fears about the makeover and that they could do whatever they wanted to revamp her look.

Now, we’ll move forward to the makeover. Sitting in a salon chair with Christopher, Pat shared that she wanted to keep her grey hair; he let her know that was definitely something they could work with. Although he agreed to leave the color as is, he did make some suggestions about what changes she can bring to her hair color, in case she was interested. He suggested a more platinum tone rather than her grey/white hair. What’s interesting is that Pat agreed. 

“This isn’t something I normally do, and I’m really ready for something different,” Pat said. After this line, we get a look at her “after” look, and she looks beautiful! She has light make up on, she’s glowing, her hair is blonder, and it’s really short.

As she talks about her look, the 65-year-old excitedly remarks: “This is me grown up, not old — grown up! I have a grownup hairstyle.” In the “before” interview, she said that she wanted a hairstyle (not just hair) and that was exactly what she got!

At the very end, Pat was looking at a picture of herself with shock: “This is amazing,” she began. “I look at this person, and I don’t know who this person is, but I like it because this is me! Why didn’t I do this sooner? I had no idea I looked like this.”

She looked at Christopher and thanked him with a smile, happy with her new look.

If you’d like to see Pat’s gorgeous transformation, watch the video below!

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