Excited Horse Can’t Slow Down When Owner Calls Out For Him

I’ve got a few people in my favorite person club. And when I see them, especially after some time has passed, there’s nothing better than a big sloppy hug! A reunion moment where we come barrelling at each other and bear hug. Bonus points if one of us knocks over an innocent by standing vase or an unsuspecting glass of water!

Well, this owner got a very happy greeting from her horse who came ripping in from around the corner of the barn to enthusiastically say hello.

Originally from Friesland, Netherlands, the Friesian horse is a remarkable breed. Known to be elegant and quite agile for their size, they are also stunning. A truly beautiful horse with distinguishing features such as dark brown to black coloring, chiseled muscle, and thick, often wavy mane and tail.

At one point, in the late Middle Ages, the Friesian was on the brink of extinction, however, in this day and age, the breed is thriving and growing in popularity. In fact, the Friesian is up and coming in the competitive field of dressage, a form of riding involving such a high level of skill, it’s basically considered an art!

But it’s also their bubbly personality that sets them apart, as seen in this video. They tend to be energetic, active, as well as docile and gentle, not typically exhibiting aggressive behavior. Watch as Apollo, the Friesian stallion, bursts on to the scene when his owner calls out for him. He tears around the corner, thrilled to hear her voice. He’s coming in hot, running full speed straight ahead to greet her. She’s laughing and chatting to Apollo while he slows from a gallop to a trot, and makes his way over. He’s delighted to see her, stopping right in front of her, his tail wagging and his body language open and candid. “He’s a happy boy, he’s a happy boy,” says his owner, and it’s so clear that he is! His arrival is so cute and shows his eagerness to hang out with his favorite person, wasting no time to get up close and personal with his owner.

How does your pet greet you after a long day at work, or even after you come back from a few days away on vacation? Tell us about it in the comments!

Click below to watch this adorable horsey make quite the entrance and say hi in a big way!

Source: Rumble

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