Dad Strums Guitar And Son Steals The Show When He Starts To Sing

Even when babies are in the womb and developing, they’re picking up and absorbing muffled sounds and vibrations through mom’s stomach. Everything mom does, the baby does too. While pregnant with me, my mom made sure to eat every different kind of food she could. She ate Indian, Greek, and Mexican foods, and listened to soothing, beautiful music, like Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen in an effort to expose me to fabulous cuisines and some of the greatest music of her lifetime! It’s no surprise that my favorite food is hummus and I have an admiration for well-crafted, thought-provoking lyrics!

It’s so important to surround babies and small kids with a healthy, nurturing environment, because little humans are nothing more than sponges, looking up to their big humans for guidance and growth.

This video opens to a doting dad with his cute little son, Patrick, sitting on the couch spending some quality father-son time. Dad’s got his guitar strapped on, and he starts to strum. But, the man isn’t singing a song he knows, or anyone knows for that matter. He’s literally making it up on the spot, saying, “Helloooo Patriiiiiick, we’re singing a sooooong, about youuuuuuuu….” He’s cueing in his son between lyrics. It gets even better because Patrick can’t really form words, but the toddler still chimes in! His sounds are nonsensical, but his musical ability is blatantly obvious. He’s able to jump in and sing to the best of his ability. The kid’s got range and technique, too! He alternates between low staccato sounds, then builds up to a louder, more pronounced and projected sound. This kid shows no fear and lots of natural talent.

Towards the end, Patrick mimics his father’s sounds a little better while looking into his eyes and studying his face. He even feels compelled to lift up his arms, getting a little more animated as the song goes on. They put on a really great impromptu duet, and dad’s improvisation is just too good! These two are a great pair, and this is only the beginning! I’m certain once Patrick gets a little older, he and dad will be singing up a storm — dad on the guitar and son on the microphone.

Click below to watch little Patrick get a taste of what life could be like as a musician!

Source: Rumble

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