Man Records Postman Still Working Through Wildfire

Here’s something you may not think about every day — your mail delivery person and what they go through to deliver your mail, six days per week, even in rain, heat, snow, and ice. You might take for granted that when you go to your mailbox each day, the mail has arrived without you even knowing it. A postman’s job is only harder these days with the increase in online shopping and the number of packages that must be delivered to residents’ front porches.

A postal worker really does deliver in all conditions, on days when no one wants to leave the house and to places that other people would rather not go. In many ways, it’s hard to think that we take something so important for granted. Consider for a moment what life would be like of the mail simply stopped coming.

When life gets really hard and emergencies happen, it is often those simple things that we depend on every single day that will make the biggest difference when things get rough. Imagine your life is completely turned upside down by some sort of disaster and then think about the added stress of something like not receiving the necessary mail and packages to start getting your life back on track and rebuilding from the ground up.

One postal worker in California was determined not to let that happen to the residents on his route. When Santa Rosa, California was devastated by wildfires, Trevor Smith kept delivering the mail to his customers.

In the aftermath of the fires, Douglas Thron was using a drone to check out the area. This was the safest way to record the damage and get a better look at the neighborhood, some of which was still smoldering. His drone showed a burned-out neighborhood which nearly lost everything. It looked like a dangerous, post-apocalyptic wasteland that no one should be in. Then, he spotted a single mail truck.

Wondering what the mailman was doing, Douglas pressed record on the camera in case he was there to cause trouble. He quickly discovered that wasn’t the case at all. In the complete destruction, many of the mailboxes had actually survived and Trevor, at the request of the residents, was there delivering their mail, despite and danger to himself. Authorities were letting residents return to their homes to collect personal belongings, and in this case, important mail they may need.

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Source: FaithTap

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