Woman Gets A Complete Makeover And Goes From Drab To Fab

What comes to mind when you hear the word “makeover?” Freshness? Newness? Excitement? I think those words are justified. Any type of makeover has people anticipating change and new beginnings. Ever re-done your home and given it the ultimate transformation? Well, then you know exactly what feeling I’m talking about. Or, how about a physical makeover—weight loss, different hair, and a different makeup technique? Now THOSE are always a treat to watch!

In this video, The Makeover Guy introduces us to Diana. This incredible woman has been on a journey, one to change the way she looks, and it started with shedding some weight. After successfully losing 43 whomping pounds, Diana weathers a blizzard from Iowa to Minnesota to take part in the second leg of her makeover journey.

She meets The Makeover Guy’s team and they help her revamp her beautiful features and hair to make her look even more fabulous than before! Watch what they do to turn her limb hair into a flamboyant and voluminous bob! But before that, they give her an amazing color correction to accentuate all her features and suit her skin tone.

A final touch of makeup, and ta-daa! Ladies and gentlemen, they present to you the new Diana. Well, not necessarily new, but the one who went through a makeover and complete change! Many people associate makeovers as misrepresentation, or a way of demeaning people for their natural looks. But there really is a positive side to it all.

Makeovers help you realize what you can do to enhance your looks and what hairstyles, makeup trends, clothing, etc. suit your personality, face structure, and overall style. It’s needless to say that natural beauty is always the way to go, but with the help of some makeup and hair touch-ups, you can really play up your natural look! Regardless of what look you opt for, you’re still yourself and 100% original!

To see Diana’s transformation, check out the video below! Share it with family and friends and see what they think!


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