About Us

Hello, there! Welcome to Metaspoon, our small slice of the internet where we share the best social news and light-hearted stories from around the web. Metaspoon was founded by two friends from school who wanted an escape from the relentless stream of negative and difficult news in our daily lives. Since 2013, we’ve been publishing entertaining stories about everyday people, hilarious animals, clever DIY hacks, surprising talents, and more. We like to keep things positive so we can be a bright spot in your day!

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Meet our published authors!

Megan Levine, Editor
Megan Levine is a content editor and writer for Metaspoon based in Mississauga, Ontario. Megan’s passion for writing started at a young age and has expanded across many genres – short stories, songwriting, poetry, personal essays, and most recently writing for digital media.


Maya Griffith, Editor Assistant
Maya Griffith is a writer and editor based in Toronto. Maya specializes in non-fiction including news journalism and essay writing. She also enjoys hiking and painting, which often inspires her work.


Maddy Heeszel, Contributor
Maddy Heeszel is a mother and cat mom residing in Visalia, California. She has been writing professionally since 2015 and also manages a family-run restaurant. When she isn’t working, you can find her gaming, sipping on boba, digging in the garden, or whipping up something in the kitchen.