Toddler Calls His Foster Father “Dad” During Adoption Hearing

When you want something badly enough, the universe will conspire with you to get it. And that’s exactly what happened to parents-to-be Mandi and Tyler Palmer. After years and years of trying to get pregnant and failing, the couple came to terms with not being able to bear children. It just wasn’t possible to carry a child, especially with Mandi’s complicated Crohn’s disease.

They kept hearing about the need for more foster parents in their neighborhood, so they decided this avenue would be more appropriate to consider. They talked about it and signed up for classes, and a week after getting licensed as foster-to-adopt parents, Hunter came into their lives.

But it wasn’t official yet. Hunter spent a year with the Palmers as their foster child, and it was only after this one year that they could finally start the adoption process. They went to the courthouse to start all the paperwork. They even invited their friends and family to make an appearance.

As emotional as it all was, the best part was at the end of the court hearing when the judge announced Hunter’s new legal name. As they were reading the adoption decree out loud, Hunter looked up and said quite possibly the cutest and most perfect word that defined the moment!

Click below to hear how it all went down. It’s a lovely story with a very happy ending to a long chapter!

Source: Liftable

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