Woman Performs Opera While On Horseback During Her America’s Got Talent Audition

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When watching talent competition shows like America’s Got Talent, I personally like seeing something unique or over-the-top. It’s always great seeing classic acts, but nothing has me on my toes like seeing something completely out of this world. It’s those performances that have my complete attention and have me wanting to watch them over and over again.

I’d say America’s Got Talent auditioner, Erin McCarthy, hits the nail on the head when it comes to providing a unique performance. During her audition, she didn’t just sing opera; the woman of talent rode on horseback while doing so. So, really, her audition was a great combination of classic with a hint of humor, making her performance her own.

The Oregon contestant recently appeared during a quarantine-friendly version of the show where people auditioned off-stage. Due to this change, she was able to complete her audition in the great outdoors with her trusty horse.

Atop her horse, Ms. McCarthy, looking as happy as ever, wore a long, flowy, blue dress where she began singing.

Shortly into the singing, Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandell, and Sofia Vergara, who were at their own homes watching her performance from behind their own cameras, were more than pleased with the woman’s performance.

Judge Sofia joked, “You’re not horsing around there, are you?” before giving the contestant the ultimate compliment. “That was the most fun I’ve ever had today.”

Unfortunately, when it came time for the judges to vote, it was a ‘no’ from Simon. He still admitted that he still loves Erin and finds her funny, so at least he had something positive to say. Luckily, the other three judges gave pretty certain ‘yes’ to the opera singer on horseback. With three judges, the vast majority, giving her a ‘yes,’ this gave Erin the official okay to go to the next round. That’s great because I’d love to see her perform again!

You can catch Erin and her horse during Season 15 of America’s Got Talent, which is the current season. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! And, hopefully, Simon will have a change of heart and possibly give her a second chance. She may not end up being the ultimate winner in the end, but she deserves another shot and has the potential to go through several more rounds.

Check out the woman’s insane audition below. I personally think she’s great!

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