It Took Him 11 Days And 4,466 Of THESE To Create An American Flag Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

More often than I care to admit, I’ll look at a piece of art and have no idea what I’m looking at. Regardless, I’ll just nod my head in approval because chances are, the brilliance behind it is just way over my head. But check out this incredible art project by Jacob Feazel, a senior high school student. At first, it just looks like a regular American flag but take a closer look and you’ll be blown away! [googlead]It took him 4,466 toy soldiers, 11 days and a whole lot of creativity and perseverance to create this masterpiece. People from all over the country have been sharing photos of Jacob’s work and some are even offering to buy it! Now this is my kind of art… great work, Jacob!

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