These Animal Snacks Are Brilliant! Kids CANNOT Resist These Fruit And Vegetable Creations.

The kids don’t like to eat their fruits and veggies? Well, that’s about to change! Add a whopping dose of cuteness and fun into these healthy yet delicious treats. Easy instructions are provided, but be inspired and let your creative juices flow. Your kids will thank you! At least they better… [googlead]

1. Banana Caterpillar

Use peanut butter to keep the banana slices together and use pretzel sticks for the legs. Chocolate chips make for great eyes and add some shredded sweetened coconut for more texture and flavour!

2. Apple and Grape Octopus

This guy only has seven legs, but that won’t really matter by the end of snack time.

3. Hot Dog Octopi and Crabs
snack3 snack3howCute Food for Kids

Cook a hotdog and cut them up using the above photo instructions. You can make eyes and mouths by punching out cheese with different size straws, and you can make eyes using sesame seeds. Pancake syrup makes for excellent edible glue! No fruits and veggies here, but maybe you can find a creative way to add some.

4. Orange Snail

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Get creative with the snail’s face.

5. Orange Fish and Blueberry Bubbles

So artistic! You can use other fruits and vegetables for the mouths tails. And if you don’t have icing eyes, use more fruits!

6. Pear Mouse

Slice off the side of a bosc pear so that it can rest on a plate. Make slits on the pear for ears and whiskers. You can use thin slices of carrots for the ears, and strips of green onions for the whiskers. Cheese string makes for a curly tail, and the nose can be made from circle-cut cheese. A little bit of cream cheese works well as glue! The eyes are made out of icing eyes, but you can use whatever you want!

7. Cauliflower and Olives Sheep

How cute is that? Put some ranch dressing on the side for dipping and use it to put a couple of dots on an olive for eyes.

8. Apple and Grapes Turtle

Use a granny smith apple and green grapes. Chocolate sprinkles work well for this turtle’s tiny eyes!

9. Grapefruit Owl

Use an orange slice for the owl’s belly, and orange segments for its wings, ears and nose. The eyes can be made with slices of banana (you can leave the peel on) and blueberries.

10. Pear Peacock

Arrange grapes and blueberries for the peacock’s signature feathers, and cut up baby carrots to make the legs and nose.

11. Toasty Bear

Butter the toast, add cinnamon sugar, and use sliced bananas and raisins to create the face.

12. Bear S’mores

Alright, there aren’t any fruits or vegetables here also, but how can your resist? Slice small marshmallows for the ears, and a large marshmallow for the mouths. The eyes are made using small chocolate chips, and the noses are made using normal chocolate chips. The mouths can be drawn using a chocolate sauce or spread in a squeeze bottle.

13. Strawberry and Cheese Mice

Cut slits into the strawberries for almond slice ears, and carve a hole on the top of the strawberry to fit in a cheese string tail. Serve them on top of crackers and cheese.

14. Pear Bear

This one requires a bit of knife skills. A blueberry is used for the nose and the icing eyes can always be substituted with chocolate chips or more fruits (maybe use some yogurt for the whites of the eye).

15. Banana Dolphins

Super simple and adorable!

Source: BuzzFeed

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure if I can ever eat fruits in their normal form again. Animal form or bust!

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