Animals That Suck At Hide And Seek. But At Least They Look Cute Doing It!

A while back I bought my dog a huge, luxurious dog bed. It wasn’t cheap but I wanted to spoil him. So I present this bed to him and what does he do? He sniffs it, lies down on it for a few seconds, crawls under a small table, and plops down onto the rough carpet. I am utterly baffled by the decision making process animals use.

But hey, they seem to know what they like and as much as I question their spatial awareness, you can’t argue with them. And so we let them do their thing and you end up with ducks in wine glasses and cats in printer trays. Oh well.

1. Boxes Are Really Comfy They Said… It’ll Be Fun They Said…


2. My Jar, Go Away


3. I Don’t Care, It’s Cozy


4. What Else Could This Be For?


5. Maybe If I Put My Left Leg Over Here…


6. The Mothership Has Landed


7. I Think I Found The Book I Was Looking For…


8. DeskJet 720C Is Now Offline, K Thanks Bye


9. I Regretted This Decision Immediately


10. Hello, Welcome To My Office

Animal Space

11. With This Armour… I AM INVINCIBLE!


12. Excuse Me, I Think Your Couch Is Broken

Love Meow

13. Hey, Hey, Hey! This Is NOT a Bunk Bed!


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