Artist Born Without Hands Paints Impressive Masterpiece Using Just His Feet

When we face a setback in life, we have two options: to let it defeat us or to refuse to let it defeat us. It’s up to us to choose how we’ll let it define us.

Gokaran Patil from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India, who has a hearing impairment and was born without hands, never let his physical setbacks stop him from achieving his goals. For a long time, he had dreams of becoming an artist. But with no hands, Patil would have to be creative with how he created artwork. Fortunately, he found a successful method: by using his feet.

IAS Officer, Priyanka Shukla, recently posted words of praise about Patil’s work on social media, along with a video of him creating art and images of the work he has completed.

Below is the caption she wrote in one of her Twitter posts, along with the hashtag, #MondayMotivation:

“In this video, Mr. Gaukaran Patil, Artist of Chhattisgarh painting, is hearing impaired and does not even have a hand – yet he is constantly moving forward with his hard work!

Mr. Patil is definitely a big inspiration for all those who give up on small problems of life!”

And she isn’t wrong. Patil really has been inspiring for many people around the world. Many are encouraged to do things that their disabilities or setbacks would otherwise “prevent” them from being able to do. But even those without a disability or particular setback are inspired by the artist to take on big goals in life and try difficult things.

If you take a look at Patil’s artwork, that will encourage you even more as his work is stunning, despite only using his feet. He proves that even with a blockade or a personal difficulty, you can not only do what you desire, but you can do a great job at it.

Patil isn’t just a pro artist who has won hundreds of awards and participated in numerous art competitions, but he also earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and has been trained in Computer Applications. Never will he let either his hearing disability nor his physical setback stop him from getting the most out of his life. Patil is one of the strongest, bravest, most confident, and biggest go-getter I’ve ever come across.

Check out the man’s incredible artwork below. His folk-style work of art is gorgeous and beautifully reflects Chattisgarh culture. And I think you should agree that he has both skill and passion!

Source: NDTV

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