How To Turn A Jar Into A Lantern Using Autumn Leaves

Weee! Fall is here! Enter the season of pumpkin spice coffee, pie, cookies, biscuits, bread, and everything else that you could possibly sprinkle the best tasting spice on to! There is pumpkin-flavored everything from yogurt to cereal, and everything in between including rum, ice cream, and beer.

And, if pumpkin doesn’t put a little autumn gust of wind in your sails, there’s always apple picking, hayrides, corn mazes and beautiful leaves to find and collect. It’s time to say “so long sweet summer!” when the trees become bare, and “hello fall, my old friend!” This can only happen by appreciating the beauty of the fallen leaves.

To get into the spirit of autumn, try making one of these really easy, cheap and charming lanterns you can put together overnight. They add warm light and ambiance to any room, and totally set the mood for being cozy at home while the cooler months start to set in.

All you need is a clean, glass jar, your favorite (pressed) leaves, a pot of mod podge, a paintbrush, medium-sized twine, and newspaper. In the video, user makoccino goes through this simple DIY by taking users on a journey from start to finish. First, add a little piece of tape to the back of each leaf. This will help you plan your design. Next, slather the jar with mod podge and press each leaf onto the desired location.

The ends might stick up, but you can always go over with another layer. The thickness of the mod podge gives it that wavy, translucent effect that makes the lantern diffuse the light for more of a glow.

Leave the jar to set and dry overnight. This might take a little time, but it’s so worth it. Next, add the mod podge over the threaded lip of the bottle, and wrap the twine around, starting from top to bottom. This is a nice extra touch that gives the lantern added texture, colour and a whole other level of autumn-ness! The end result is a crafty and pretty candle holder, perfect to decorate any space that needs a little oomph this season.

Click on the video below to get crackin’ at making your own fall lanterns. This is fun as a family event or on your own. The possibilities are endless, and you can do any shape or size, although the rounder jars are a little more challenging.

Source: Reshareworthy

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