Baby Crawls Over To Husky To Say Hi And Dog’s Playful Response Is Precious

I grew up with dogs, and it’s hard to imagine my life without them. As an adult, my dogs are an extremely important part of my life, but as a child, they were possibly even more critical. They teach kids how to love. Actually, having an animal like a dog or a cat shows children what it’s like to bond with another living soul. Even though they may not know it and it’s not very obvious, it’s a way to cultivate a nurturing relationship.

It’s about recognizing how to take care, communicate, connect, and spend time with another creature.

Both of my parents are “dog people” and couldn’t imagine raising children without a few four-legged, furry friends in the house. The dogs served as friends, playmates, entertainment, and they always picked up any food that was dropped on the floor. I imagine that parents without dogs spend an awful lot of time picking up cereal and other snacks off the ground.

When I was old enough to go to school, our scruffy mutt named Fred would accompany me to the bus stop each morning and then be there waiting for me when I arrived at home. This was during a time before parents waited at bus stops with their children, and Fred was the only supervision I needed. I loved my faithful friend, but because he had always been there, I didn’t understand until I was older how special our bond had been.

Watching the baby in this video bond with his canine companion gives me hope that another child will grow up with a special relationship with a pet. While anyone may be slightly nervous at first as a tiny crawling baby approaches a huge dog, it only takes a few moments to see that the two are already friends. The gorgeous dog has affection for this baby.

Introducing a baby to a dog should always be done carefully and correctly. Young children should be taught to interact correctly with animals and should never be left alone with a dog. That being said, it seems as if these two are doing fine and the parents are there, videoing their interaction.

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