Twin Babies Can’t Stop Making Each Other Laugh

Twins have a magical bond that leaves the rest of us scratching our heads sometimes! Because they’re basically the same person, it’s like their personality has been split into two separate beings. So, when they’re spending time together just the two of them, it’s obvious their connection is something amazing.

These two twin brothers are 11-months old and they are having the time of their lives getting to really know each other as living, breathing, thinking humans. They’ve known each other their entire lives since they were microscopic, but now, they’re enjoying each other after birth and it’s only the beginning!

Now, we are never going to know what’s actually going on here because we are just mere outsiders to their inside joke. They are having a conversation no one else will ever understand, and that’s perfectly fine with us. As long as they remain healthy, and happy and keep this great entertainment coming, then they will carry on well, and we will carry on laughing with them!

Mom caught them in this adorable moment sitting on the floor. Wearing their cute little onesies, they’re sitting a few feet away from each other giggling up a storm. The baby in blue seems to be the instigator, the one who likes to make waves. Maybe he’ll grow up to be the class clown or a comedian because it’s his brother’s laugh that encourages his funny actions.

The baby in pink is having the time of his life, laughing his head off, trying to mimic his brother’s moves. Both then fall into a hilarious round of laughter that is surprisingly loud for two infants! They are cackling up a storm, absolutely delighted in their outburst, because once one baby starts to get hysterical, so does the other. They keep lighting each other up and then the baby in blue adorably gets carried away.

In the midst of their sweet moment, he just kind of clumsily topples over backward. It’s a cute and gentle, slow-moving fall that has dad bursting out laughing and the baby in pink looking at his funny brother! The whole moment just oozes sweetness and even though it’s so simple, it’s the little times like these that become marked in mom and dad’s memories forever.

Click the video below to watch these funny babies literally fall over from laughing.

Source: ShareTap

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