A Ballerina Was Dancing But Then A Horse Showed Up And Did THIS… My Jaw Dropped!

I have to admit that I haven’t seen many ballet performances but I’m pretty sure that this ballet video is unlike any that you’ve seen before. Cosmetic company OPI hired ad agency DAN Paris to come up with a way to showcase the beauty of their product colours. What they came up with is a short film called Instinct of Color and it’s absolutely incredible. [googlead]Now watch as ballerinas square off against a horse named Lady in Black. Yes, a horse. Lady in Black was trained by French equestrian stunt trainer Mario Luraschi.

While some of the movements were indeed performed by Lady in Black, she did get some help by way of computer generated graphics. “We animated, rendered and tracked 3-D legs into many of the shots showing the horse making a series of complicated dance moves. The goal was to have a seamless photorealistic look to both animation and render.” I do believe they achieved their goal and then some. Any way you look at it, this is truly a stunning work of art!

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