I Expected A “Normal” Dance Audition. But Watch When The Camera Zooms Out.

I’ve never had very good balance. I learned this at a very young age when I tried to learn ice skating. I mean, it certainly takes time for the body to get used to skating, but all the other kids were clearly adapting at a much quicker rate than me. Not only was it painful, it was embarrassing getting left behind! Dozens of bruises later, I supposedly “graduated” from basic skating lessons but I still was still very wobbly on ice. Ugh.

Yep, my sense of balance is terrible. I suspect that if a traffic officer ever stopped me and asked me to walk heel-toe in a straight line, I would fail the test miserably while 100% sober.

But you know who has fantastic balance? Dancers.

Dancers can do all kinds of crazy moves that inspire me for a few seconds before I realize that there’s no way that I can get my body to do what they do. As if I didn’t feel inadequate enough about my balancing and dancing abilities, a couple from China came out of the gates with this mind-blowing routine during a French cabaret show. Their routine is simply mesmerizing and they make it look way too easy! Time to book a flight to France (or China?) to see them live…

Watch the incredible video below and let us know what you think!

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