90-Year-Old Woman Uses Pulley System To Reach Mailbox

Some of the greatest inventions in the world come into existence as a way to solve a problem. In the face of adversity, a brilliant idea comes to life! What’s better is that you’re never too old to come up with a solution to make things more convenient. As long as you’ve got an idea, and a little help, you can invent anything at any age!

Betty Feret from Canton, Connecticut, USA, is 90 years old. She lives on a big beautiful property facing a busy road. And while she loves her home and the ample space it provides, it’s just huge! Betty is as sharp as a tack but unfortunately, her mobility has become limited. She once fell down while walking to get her mail, and has since decided that she doesn’t want that to happen again.

Betty’s front lawn is green and massive. She’s got lots of grass and space to walk, but that means her mailbox is far away from her front door. It’s not as accessible as it once was and rather than always having to rely on someone to fetch her mail for her, she’s devised a way to get it herself. And it’s quite smart if you ask me!

“She’s always been creative, inventive, and very independent,” her daughter, Susan, shared in an interview. “Anything we can do to support her and stay independent is great.”

So Betty got the help of Mark Wilcox of Connecticut Country Landscaping to help her vision come to life. He’s helped her with yard work before, and she knew he’d be able to lend a helping hand. Having grown up on a farm, Betty knows that sometimes all you need is a classic solution to fix up the problem!

Her idea? Affix a pulley system to the box so she can pull it towards her when she needs to empty the mail coming in, then pull it back to its spot on the road with mail going out! Simple as that! Using a clothing line, some clips and a few pulleys, this contraption works like a charm and has literally been a lifesaver for the woman. The mailbox moves freely, back and forth without much strain, and Betty is able to stay comfortable and content in her home. What a great solution!

Click below to watch this brilliant idea in motion!

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