Big Brother Holds Little Sister For The First Time And Bursts Into Song

The second child comes with a whole lot of emotions for everyone involved. It’s not as scary as bringing your first bundle of joy home because this ain’t your first time, and you’ve already got most of what you need ready to go! You’re not new parents and know exactly what to do once you leave the hospital.

But, this time around, you do have another little soul to consider. Your firstborn has now moved up in rank. They have moved up to being a big brother or big sister, and this may be a welcomed move or maybe not.

Parents always worry about how their first child will react to another baby. Will they be child be upset, sad, or spiteful? What if they behave badly? It’s definitely a learning curve. But, one way to ease the older sibling into the new role is to make them feel included. With all the new excitement and commotion happening in the household, there’s enough of it to go around for older bro or sis to be a part of.

This smart mom is well aware of what’s going on, and she’s making sure that her two kids are spending quality time together. All of them were at home when she handed her older son the baby to hold. What happens next has mom reaching for the camera to record the precious moment big bro starts singing.

And, it’s not just any song! This little crooner chose to serenade his baby sis with the song “You Are So Beautiful” performed by Joe Cocker and written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher. What’s interesting is that the song is seen as one of the most romantic songs of all time. But, really, it was written as a tribute to Billy’s mother. This is a family-oriented song inspired by the love a son has for his mom, and now the love a brother has for his new sister.

He cradles the tiny girl and adorably sings the ballad with love and tenderness. He touches her face while holding her hand, and stroking her arm, looking into her eyes with total adoration. And he’s so young! His voice squeaks and cracks but, that doesn’t matter one bit. Big brother ends with a kiss on the baby’s forehead and Mom is totally in love with his moment. She’s got it on camera to watch over and over again.

Click on the video below to see this sweet little serenade go down.

Source: ShareTap

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