Dad Who Is Blind Sees Wife And Son For The First Time

Many of us go about our day, not realising just how lucky we are. To have the ability to see the beautiful colours of the world and the ones we love, to hear a song that gives us goosebumps or to watch a film that makes us cry is something that so many take for granted. But imagine you were to lose one of your senses – how would life be different to the one you’re living today?

In a truly inspiring story, a man from Denver who had lost his sight 21 years ago due to Stargardt disease – an illness that gradually gets worse over time sometimes leading to legal blindness – was given the most amazing opportunity. He was offered the chance to see his wife and child for the very first time. This heartwarming occasion was aired on TV and thus people from all over the world were able to see the magical moment.[googead2]

This man’s name is Gene and he is married to a beautiful woman named Joy. The couple share one child together, a boy named Lincoln. Unfortunately Gene had never had the opportunity to see the love of his life and his own child… until Joy saw a guest on The Rachel Ray Show who was also living with Stargardt disease. The guest was able to see the ones that he loved by wearing a pair of electronic glasses. Joy then desperately tried to get in contact with the show in hope that her husband could get on the show too. Luckily, her prayers were answered and the three family members made their way to The Rachel Ray Show.

Credit: Little Things 

Upon arrival and on set, Gene was given the pair of electronic glasses. He put them on and glanced over at his wife and merely stared for a few seconds. Then, his mouth opened and he said, “She’s pretty” after which an entire whirlwind of emotions began pouring out.

Undoubtedly, this is a truly amazing occurrence and a way for us to realize just how lucky we are for the amazing things we have in life.

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