Man Uses 2 Simple Ingredients To Naturally Kill Off Cockroaches

Creepy, crawly, invasive and ugly, cockroaches aren’t loved by many, if any! They are, however, pretty popular! Every country (ok, minus Antarctica) has ‘em, and they’re so rampant that there’s even a Spanish song written about them –  that’s how much they are apart of everyone’s lives.

“La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha…” ring a bell? Does it send slithery chills up your spine? Yeah, me too. I’ve come across too many in my lifetime, and if they freak you out as they freak me out, you want to arm yourself with this recipe.

Here’s a sure fire way to nix these disease-carrying critters quickly, cheaply, and naturally without harmful chemicals. And, with only two ingredients, you can expect to not only decimate stubborn cockroaches but also ants. This go-to home remedy is a double whammy that will sort out your creepy-crawly problem in no time.

In this DIY video, Sicilian Prince takes us on a knowledgeable journey through the inner workings of how cockroaches operate. He first discusses how, contrary to common belief, roaches aren’t too keen on sugar. They will eat anything they can find including grease, and crumbs, and even non-organic food like book bindings and glue in times where no other food can be found (they can actually survive for several months without food or water…gross…). But, according to this guy’s research, when presented with peanut butter or jelly, they went straight for the peanut butter. Overly sweet items can taste bitter to cockroaches, so peanut butter is the perfect balance of sweet, and creamy and is very filling.

Peanut butter is the first ingredient. Next up, borax; it is made of water, sodium, boron, and oxygen. It is naturally found in salt lake beds and not inherently toxic for humans, but has just the right amount of poison for our little army of enemies! In animal studies, borax can be toxic in high doses, because essentially, a tiny critter consuming it is like overdosing on boron, the active ingredient.

Sicilian Prince literally takes equal parts of the two ingredients, microwaves the peanut butter, then mixes them together and places the solution in bottle caps to be placed around infected areas, inside and outside of the house. And that’s it. After a few days, these little buggers are dunzo!

Click below to watch a few minutes of this ingenious, natural and easy solution put to practice.

Source: Home Hacks

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