Soldier Dad Sneaks Up Behind His Boy With Down’s Syndrome For Reunion

I can never get enough of watching videos of military homecomings. Whether they are returning to their spouse, their parent or parents, their children or even their loving pets, nearly every homecoming makes me cry. Especially the pet videos. Those pups can’t understand why the most important person in their lives has left them, and when they come home their joy is absolutely overwhelming. The pet video may be my personal favorite, but the videos of the soldiers’ children are a very close second.

I suppose I love these videos so much because they are filled with a lot of love and unadulterated joy. They represent so much of what is good about our beautiful country and people in general. Each day, there are millions of families in the United States missing a loved one and hoping they are safe and sound, sometimes not even knowing where they are.

Technology has eased some of the burdens of the long distances and periods apart. Families can email, Skype, and Facetime, but none of those virtual connections can replace the feeling of having your loved one in the same room with you. Members of the military give up time with their families and risk their safety to help keep the rest of us safe. Whatever your politics, it’s hard to argue that these men and women are anything less than heroes.

I’ve watched plenty of homecoming videos but this one is particularly beautiful and heartwarming. Technical Sergeant John Grieten┬áhas a son named Joshua; Joshua has Down Syndrome. Grieten worked with Joshua’s teachers to surprise him when he got home. But, Joshua also has a sister, and so, there are even more surprises to come. Both reunions will surely melt your heart and make your day just a little bit happier.

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