Woman Turns Shipping Container Into Her Home

I’m all for fun DIY projects. Especially in the summer, when the days are long and everyone is home from school and work, there’s nothing better than occupying your family’s free time with a crafty project! When I say “crafty” though, it’s nothing like the woman who’s turning a shipping container into something more than just that!

It turns out that Brenda Kelly is all about small spaces. She loves the idea of living grandly in a small amount of room, and so, she took on this assignment. Her latest initiative is all about taking a blue shipping container and turning it into a fully functional livable home. Is it possible? You should continue reading to find out!

This container is 107 square feet. Now, you may think that there is no way someone can stay in a space so small, but believe it when we say that’s it’s wholly possible. Brenda not only made a home out of this small space, but this container also serves as a model home for people to come to explore the options of down-sizing their house to something similar. In a time where people want more in less, this tiny home is the perfect example of how you don’t have to compromise modern-day amenities when you give up a big living space.

At first glance of the outside, you’re probably not impressed with the container. It’s small and boxy and you can’t possibly imagine how crowded it may be on the inside. Right? Not to worry, I was thinking the same thing until I got a tour of the inside. As you walk in, Brenda’s design and planning will instantly blow your mind.

This home comes with everything you need to live your daily life. Upon entering, there’s a kitchen, sleeping nook, and living room — the perfect, yet compact, main living space that acts as a bachelor pad. Since the container is tall, the kitchen is equipped with long cabinets for plenty of storage space.

Trust me when I say this, Brenda made exceptional use of her space! Not only is there a fully-equipped main floor, but there is a second floor to the shipping container as well. Where many people would use the second floor as a bedroom, Brenda used it to make a loft. It’s a lounging area furnished with a lovely sectional. It looks cozy and comfy!

Although I’ve provided a brief description of the home from the inside, it’s totally worth a tour!

Click on the video below to see the inside for yourself!

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