She Puts Bubble Wrap On Her Windows. The Reason? This Trick Saves Tons Of Money!

Ah, bubble wrap… not only are you good for keeping all my online purchases nice and safe during delivery, you are also a wonderful stress reliever. Popping those bubbles is just so satisfying! I’m not entirely sure why but I’m sure there’s a perfectly good scientific explanation for it.

Strangely enough, bubble wrap was originally invented by two engineers with the intention of using it as a textured wallpaper. “Seriously?” Yeah, seriously. The original created it by sealing a pair of shower curtains in a way that trapped air bubbles. Not surprisingly, it didn’t fare too well as home decor.

Eventually, the inventors finally figured out that bubble wrap would make excellent packaging material and it’s become a standard shipping material ever since.

But if you happen to find yourself with some bubble wrap, try to keep yourself from popping those bubbles.  As it turns out, bubble wrap has yet another wonderful use, and this one can save you money! Thanks to AlaskaGranny, we now know that we can use bubble wrap to help you insulate your windows during the colder months and keep your home all warm and cozy. And when you’re done with it, there’s no mess. This is especially great for people who are renting their homes and need a quick, effective, and non-permanent way of adding some insulation. So simple and so brilliant!

Watch the video below for the full details and let us know if you give this clever project a try! And don’t forget to share this story with your family and friends.

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