Loving German Shepherd Treats Her Owner’s Pet Bunny As If She’s Her Baby

Introducing a new pet into the household can already be a stressful situation, but what makes matters worse is when the new pet you’re bringing home is a different species than the pet(s) you already have. For example, cat owners might be skeptical about a mouse or bird home for obvious reasons. So, imagine how Skottke the German Shepherd’s family felt when introducing her to their tiny pet rabbit named Holly!

Although the family kept the bunny in an enclosed cage on top of a tall dresser, there’s no saying what a hungry canine might do. After all, small rodents tend to trigger dogs’ prey instinct. But Skottke and her owner knew what her intentions were, and she definitely didn’t want to make Holly a holiday feast; she wanted to be her friend.

Skottke’s mom instantly noticed how close her German Shepherd was to Holly, an unusual companionship. That’s when Mom started calling Holly “Skottke’s baby.” Mom thought Skottke and Holly’s bond was so cute that she just had to pull out her camera and record!

In the video, we quickly realize what Holly means to the canine. Mom spells out the word “baby” letter by letter and even asks Skottke, “You have a baby?” Skottke instantly knew who she was talking about “her” rabbit! That’s when the pup ran into the bedroom housing Holly in her cage to show everyone her B-A-B-Y.

Mom follows her into the room, which happens to be her son Wesley’s bedroom. The instant she tells Skottke to say hi to her baby, the canine props her front legs up the dresser to get a closer look at Baby Holly. Skottke may be well aware that Holly looks much different from her, but she truly treats her as if she’s her own offspring, looking up at her with love.

German Shepherds are notorious for their smarts, but Skottke’s particular response is blowing up the Internet. While the video has been reposted across multiple sources, from YouTube alone, it has earned over 826,000 views!

The footage received a variety of responses.

“It may just be me, but I’m thinking there’s a reason ‘baby’ is up high,” says a skeptical watcher.

Another viewer says, “To the people saying she ‘wants to eat it,’ no! She doesn’t. Female German Shepherds are VERY nurturing and motherly to anything smaller than them that breathes. When my cat had kittens, my dog would spend most of the day guarding them and cleaning them.”

See Skottke’s interaction with Holly the rabbit below!

Source: Reshareworthy

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